Curriculum Vitae

Clinical and Functional Nutrition

Joaquim Chaves Fitness

Sep 2023 – Present: Comprehensive Nutritional Evaluations for new members; Functional, Sports, and Clinical Nutrition Consultations.

Instituto Português de Osteopatia Clássica

Oct 2023: Student; Introduction to Classical Osteopathy (28h).

Jun 2022: Instructor; Seminar on Nutrition Introductory for Osteopaths (14h).

Blueberry Clinic

Jun 2021 – Present: Clinical and Functional Nutrition; numerous cases of gastrointestinal dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and chronic diarrhea, parasitic inflammation and chronic biochemistry imbalances, various types of cancer, stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, fatty liver and visceral fat, nutrition before and after surgery, fragility in old age, among others; integration with the rest of the clinic’s treatments such as ozone therapy or hormone replacement therapy;

Clínica do Poder

Mar to Oct 2021: Clinical Nutrition; integration with urology and hormone replacement treatments, longevity, and genetic analysis; Support in the Coimbra Protocol and autoimmune diseases in general.

Vitality Clinic

Oct 2019 – Present: Functional and Sports Nutrition. Integration with Metabolic Optimization Program and the Physiotherapy and Training team; Many cases of nutritional optimization and recovery for adolescents and young athletes, professional athlete nutritional optimization mainly in football and rugby, nutritional support in injuries and post-surgery recovery.

Out 2019 – Present: Functional Nutrition Online. Many cases of gastrointestinal dysfunction and autoimmune disease.

Universidad Internacional Isabel I de Castilla

2013-2018: Bachelor’s Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

Nutriscience Portugal

2012-2018: Functional Nutrition Certification, numerous advanced nutrition trainings, Lab Testing, Supplementation, various International Congresses.